The Promised Kingdom – Part 5

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As we enter Daniel chapter 8 we enlarge and enhance the prophetic view of history by looking at the symbolism in more beasts as well as the 2300 day prophecy and the 70 week prophecy. Study Guide Part 5: God’s vision of judgment to Daniel reveals more than just that. According to Daniel 8:14, how does the judgment reveal itself? Where do you see the judgment in this text? God uses the repeat and enlarge method in the bible to provide the reader                      . History Perspective Narrative Prophecy When does the 2300 day prophecy begin according to Daniel 9:25? When does the Messiah the prince arrive according to Daniel 9:26? What does the Messiah confirm at the end of … Read More

The Promised Kingdom – Part 4

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Now we dive into Daniel’s prophetic dreams beginning with Daniel chapter 7. Pastor Duddley Francois walks us through the meaning of the beasts and answers the questions “how should we feel about the judgement?” Study Guide A Journey Through the Books of Daniel & Revelation Part 4: Daniel Chapter 7 God’s response to the attack against His kingdom. Daniel’s vision of four beasts are compared to what vision in the book of Daniel? Explain the connection. The climax of the four beasts is the presence of the little horn. Why is the little horn a threat to God’s kingdom? How is it different from the kingdoms before it? Daniel’s central theme of his vision is: The judgment of the little horn The violence of the four beasts The … Read More