Our logo is simple. Did you know it was purposefully designed to feature the same symbolic elements as the official Seventh-day Adventist Church logo?
The young congregation of MyGeneration Church
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For over 20 years Christian leaders have been perplexed by a growing problem. The mass exodus of youth from our churches. There is a need for something new.
  • It seems reasonable to believe that at least 40 to 50 percent of Seventh-day Adventist teenagers in North America are essentially leaving the church by their middle 20s. This figure may well be higher.
    p. 35 in 2000
  • In 2013 the number of teenagers leaving the church increased to 70%.
    quote in 2013
  • This is a hemorrhage of epic proportions . . . . The decline in membership of many mainline Protestant churches has been shown to be largely traceable to the shortage of young adults in their congregations.
    p. 22 in 2000
  • The most potent data regarding disengagement is that a majority of twentysomethings – 61% of today’s young adults – had been churched at one time during their teen years but they are now spiritually disengaged (i.e., not actively attending church, reading the Bible, or praying).
    para. 6 in 2006
  • Clearly the reasons young people leave are a reflection both of their past experience in church and the new opportunities they have as young adults . . . to remain in church, a person must have experienced the value of the teaching and relationships at church and see the relevance for the next phase of life.
    Scott McConnell
    Associate Director of LifeWay Research in 2007
  • Noting a 70 percent attrition from church life among Baptist young adults.
    para. 19 in 2006

    What's with the name?

    It was lifted right out of the aim of Adventist Youth Ministries.
    The advent message to all the world in my generation.
    Adventist Youth Ministries Aim


    MyGeneration Church will become a shining light of practical Seventh-day Adventist Christianity that is focused on discipleship, relationships, and community. Timeless principles that have been the core of Christianity for 2000 years. 


    We will become a shining light by exercising our core values. We will practice discipleship through community outreach, building relationships, and servant leadership. We will also seek to grow together through intentional spiritual enrichment that thrives in a safe, judgment-free environment.  


    Praising the Lord at MyGeneration Church

    Intentional Spirituality

    A core aim of our church is to increase individual spiritual intimacy with God. This is accomplished through engaging small group studies and an emphasis on prayer.
    Prayer Ministry
    Community Outreach at MyGeneration Church

    Daring Discipleship

    At MyGeneration Church we take the great commission seriously (Matthew 28:19-20). It’s not enough for us to enrich our own lives, we are charged with spreading the good news of God’s love and calling all people to follow Him.
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    Rey Umana speaking at MyGeneration Church

    Servant Leadership

    We believe that God calls every one of his disciples to take assertive action. There are big and small ways that we can make a difference in our families, our community, and the world. We must be willing to humbly answer His call.
    Become a Leader

    Fundamental Beliefs

    At it's core MyGeneration Church is a Seventh-day Adventist Church. We uphold the 28 fundamental beliefs of the church, not straying from our purpose as a church and belief in the Word of God as truth.

    What Does This Look Like?

    A commitment to daily engagement with God through nature, study, service, spiritual disciplines, and any other method we might utilize to connect with God.

    A commitment to weekly small group meetings. This includes dynamic scripture study before church as well as small group Bible studies coordinated by individual ministries.

    A bi-weekly connection to God with Access Partners helping with accountability and sharing of spiritual journeys together.

    A commitment to regular attendance and participation in services at God’s house of worship.

    Quarterly, Sabbath Service Projects scheduled on Sabbath as worship, at worship service time.