Congrats to Pastor Duddley

Congrats Pastor Duddley

Yesterday the Northeastern Conference of Seventh-day Adventists voted our own Duddley Francois as their new Communications Director and Associate Youth Ministries Director. This news is bittersweet for MyGeneration Church. On one hand we have grown in so many incredible ways under his leadership and we’re not ready to see him go. On the other hand we know he is the perfect fit for both roles and we’re excited to see how he’ll impact an even larger audience. God bless you wherever you go!

Definite Requests Deserve Definite Gratitude

Definite Requests Deserve Definite Gratitude - Tanique Somers

Have you ever received a gift that you asked for and got exactly what you wanted? How did you show your gratitude?  In the story that inspired this post, found  in Luke 17:11-19, highlighted what the Lord delights in.

“Catch These Hands” New Graphic Apparel Available

Catch These Hands T-Shirt

The design was inspired by a prayer meeting talk last year about Queen Esther, in the Bible. This woman was a “prayer thug” because when a life and death situation was looming over her and her people what did she do? She rallied her gang together to fast and pray! This design goes out to all of you who want to be the same kind of prayer warrior as Esther.

Help Haiti

Haiti Earthquake Relief

On August 14th Haiti a devastating earthquake struck Haiti contributing to current challenging times. Tens of thousands of people have lost their homes and many have even lost their lives as a result of the earthquake and subsequent tropical storm Grace that struck the island. Haiti is hurting and many survivors need medical care, medical supplies, food, and shelter. If you’re interested in contributing to relief efforts, check out some of the many ways below to get involved. New York City residents who want to donate to Haiti relief efforts can: Give through the Mayor’s Fund, Capracare, Partners in Health, and Ayiti Community Trust and a number of other organizations listed below. Donate by dropping off medical supplies, hygiene products, toiletries, bottled water, clothing and/or non-perishable food at All NYPD precincts More relief organizations helping in Haiti: CAREis … Read More

Pray Like Nehemiah

Pray Like Nehemiah. Nehemiah’s passionate prayer and the 7 elements that made it great.

Nehemiah’s passionate prayer and the 7 elements that made it great. Nehemiah was devastated. His brother Hanani had just returned from Judah and given him news of how his Israelite brothers and sisters were faring, those who had left Persia and returned to the land of Judah to rebuild Jerusalem and the walls that protected their cities. Hanani’s report was “The survivors in the province who have survived the captivity are in great trouble and disgrace. The wall of Jerusalem is broken down, and its gates have been burned in the fire.” This news broke Nehemiah’s heart. “When I heard these words, I sat and wept and mourned for days, and I was fasting and praying before the God of the heavens.” It had been 90 years since … Read More

Welcome to the family, Natasha!

Natasha Arneaud's Baptism at MyGeneration Church

What a happy day! A couple of weeks ago Natasha Arneaud’s family and church watched with joy as she committed her life to Jesus through baptism. All of the photos came in and we just had to share! This is our second baptism, and the first baptism we’ve had within our own doors, so this is a momentous occasion for Natasha and MyGeneration Church too. We can’t wait to see how she’ll grow in her walk with Christ. 

MyGen’s First Annual Retreat

MyGeneration Church Annual Retreat

Join MyGeneration Church for our first spiritual retreat! We’ll be escaping the busy city and relaxing at the beautiful Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This will happen from Thursday evening, July 1st to Sunday Morning July 4th. We’ll be enjoying the beauty of nature, fun activities, good food, and spiritual revival with Duddley Francois. Ready to register?Fill out our registration form. Register now!While there’s still space. Need more details?View it in our event calendar. View it nowIn our event calendar.What’s Included?0Nights Stay0Meals Pool Access Sporting Area Access Gym AccessAdditional Activities Escape Rooms Pony Rides Rock Climbing Obstacle Courses Wildlife CenterLearn more about pricing & packages for Outdoor Adventures at Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center.Register for the Retreat

The L Word: How to Deal With, and Pray About, Lust.

The L Word - How To Deal With, and Pray About Lust.

Being that this month is about love and the legacy of African American history, I think we should talk about lust. Great Segway, right? Go with me on this one as we flesh  (pun intended) this out and hopefully get to some practical resolutions and ways to liberate ourselves from the bondage of lust. Before I get in to my take on lust, I have to attack the notion and the tendency of the church to focus on the acts or the symptoms of lust (rubbernecking, impure thoughts, masturbating, pornography etc.) and guilt tripping its sufferers instead of trying to diagnose the cause or the underlying condition and introducing the remedy. My hope for this (my very first & very close to home)piece is to advocate for those … Read More