It IS a Love Thing (Part 1)

It IS A Love Thing

I have heard many times fellow Christians grumbling about sermons that focus more on God’s love than God’s wrath as being somewhat deceiving. The term I usually hear translated to English is that it’s akin to “warm water”. In fact, they prefer sermons that only talk about God’s judgment and the upcoming destruction of this sinful world. If the sermon makes no mention of God’s love, they hardly even notice.

A Church Reimagined

MYGEN Church - Church Reimagined

I have been at this Christianity thing my entire life. Growing up, my relationship with God has had its ups, drastic downs, and most times its resembled more of an EKG scan. Not too low, but also not too high for too long. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out why it has been so hard and why actually giving up on the whole thing has seemed a viable option.

Plus Ones and Possibilities

Plus Ones And Possibilities

Being a single Christian in the 21st Century is stressful and a bit scary. Most of us choose to focus on our education and career and suddenly declare, “Wow! That took much longer than expected.” Miraculously, this declaration coincides with the exact time every loved one asks ad nauseam, “Why are you still single?”

Selfie Matters: More Than Enough

For the Love of Self - MYGEN Church

It’s awesome that God always sees beyond our potential and He desires to stretch us beyond the limits we’ve placed on ourselves. However, the devil tricks us into thinking that our current status and circumstances dictate our future. Satan formulates lies that are fueled by feelings of low self-worth and inadequacy that keep us in our safe zone.

For the Love of Self

For the Love of Self - MYGEN Church

If you would like to be featured, tag @mygen_church on your selfie; tell us two things that make you awesome; and use the hashtag #selfiesabbath. Join us at Northeastern Academy this Sabbath for more about self-worth and confidence GOD’s way.

The Struggle is Real

The Struggle is Real by Ebonie Jones

Poverty, crime, nuclear meltdown, global warming, unemployment and over-population are just a few items on the list of 21 Century problems. In addition to these issues, we also have to deal with the stressors that come with simply being alive. Stressors such as bills, relationships, illness, death, and temptations that seem impossible to escape. To say that life is difficult is an understatement. It’s brutal. Sometimes life feels more like warfare than a mere struggle.


Addicted by Ebonie Jones

Do life big! By the world’s standards, this means making as much money as possible, obtaining as much material possessions as possible, landing the coveted corner office and, of course, living in the best house, in the best neighborhood. Although none of these achievements are inherently bad, when we’re defined by the world’s standards, we all fall short. Why? Because humans are insatiable and the things of the world are addictive.