Welcoming Worship: A Conversation with MyGeneration Church

Our church was just featured in a new article by the NAD Ministerial Association.

Best Practices for Adventist Worship (BP): MyGeneration Church is an Adventist church plant in Central Harlem. Perhaps even more remarkable than the fact that it’s comprised largely of young adults, it’s also a neighborhood church where folks walking by can walk in and feel right at home. As local church leaders, what have you done to make the worship gatherings so accessible to your fellow New Yorkers?

MyGeneration (MG): It is important to MyGen leaders that we are not just a church in Harlem, but we are a movement working to change lives in Harlem. We are very intentional with our worship—from our mid-day start time to our casual dress, snacks, welcome activities, interactive prayers, music, and fellowship. Our non-traditional services take place in a relaxed setting where people can feel comfortable, as if they have known us for years. We want every new visitor to feel at home.