For the Love of Self

For the Love of Self - MYGEN Church

If you would like to be featured, tag @mygen_church on your selfie; tell us two things that make you awesome; and use the hashtag #selfiesabbath. Join us at Northeastern Academy this Sabbath for more about self-worth and confidence GOD’s way.

The Church According To Xandalee

Church According To...

“Church According To…” is a monthly feature of MYGEN where teens and young adults are offered the opportunity to share their faith, their journey and  their opinions. This month, our spotlight young adult is Xandalee. Xandalee is a senior at the University of Central Florida and engages in weekly worship experiences at the Vineyard Seventh-day Adventist Church in Apopka, Florida. She is excited about God, learning new cultures, traveling and aspires to be an attorney with a focus on international humanitarian law.

The Struggle is Real

The Struggle is Real by Ebonie Jones

Poverty, crime, nuclear meltdown, global warming, unemployment and over-population are just a few items on the list of 21 Century problems. In addition to these issues, we also have to deal with the stressors that come with simply being alive. Stressors such as bills, relationships, illness, death, and temptations that seem impossible to escape. To say that life is difficult is an understatement. It’s brutal. Sometimes life feels more like warfare than a mere struggle.


Addicted by Ebonie Jones

Do life big! By the world’s standards, this means making as much money as possible, obtaining as much material possessions as possible, landing the coveted corner office and, of course, living in the best house, in the best neighborhood. Although none of these achievements are inherently bad, when we’re defined by the world’s standards, we all fall short. Why? Because humans are insatiable and the things of the world are addictive.