Vision and Invitation from New Pastor Gregory Carrol

Our new pastor, Gregory Carrol, shares the continued vision and mission of MYGEN Church and invites everyone to come and worship with us.

One Comment on “Vision and Invitation from New Pastor Gregory Carrol”

  1. My daughter started NYU this past week (She moved there from our home in the SF Bay Area in Northern CA). I think she is interested in attending church, but needs someone to go with. She does not know anyone at NYU and is making friends (she has 2 roommates) slowly. However, because she has attended Adventist school from KG-12 grade, she is not used to many of the social events at NYU. There was a ball this past Fri. night and while she attended, all of her new friends were drinking and it was an uncomfortable situation for her. I would like her to have some Adventist youth to connect with. I am hoping you can put me in touch with someone who is in Lower Manhattan, possibly NYU, who she can travel with safely to the collegiate weekend you are sponsoring next weekend. Please let me know so that I can connect her with someone!

    Thank you!

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