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Haiti Earthquake Relief

On August 14th Haiti a devastating earthquake struck Haiti contributing to current challenging times. Tens of thousands of people have lost their homes and many have even lost their lives as a result of the earthquake and subsequent tropical storm Grace that struck the island. Haiti is hurting and many survivors need medical care, medical supplies, food, and shelter. If you’re interested in contributing to relief efforts, check out some of the many ways below to get involved.

New York City residents who want to donate to Haiti relief efforts can:

More relief organizations helping in Haiti:

  • CAREis a nongovernmental organization in Haiti that has an emergency response team delivering supplies to those affected by the earthquake. You can donate cash or care packages.
  • The Family Action Network Movement organizationis accepting medical supplies, over-the-counter medications, water cases, nonperishable food and personal protective equipment. You can also donate money.
  • Convoy of Hopeis planning to donate 1 million meals to those affected by the earthquake. The organization is also distributing hygiene kits and sheltering supplies. You can help by donating to its relief fund.
  • The Global Empowerment Mission organization, which also helped survivors of the Champlain Tower collapsein Miami, is accepting donations to send food, hygiene kits, medical supplies and PPE to Haiti.
  • The Hope for Haitiorganization has emergency kits ready to distribute throughout the affected areas of the country. Its team works and lives in the community and is made up of Haitian doctors, nurses and program managers. You can donate to its earthquake relief fund.
  • Project HOPEis partnering with local organizations for emergency response and offering immediate assistance by distributing personal protective equipment and health kits. The organization is now accepting donations.
  • The Haitian American Nurses Association of Floridais accepting donations to help the relief efforts in Haiti.

Visit for more information about how to support relief efforts.