Life Groups

At MYGEN, we understand the need to relate to others on a more personal level as we attempt to discuss Biblical concepts and life aspects. We are all about getting back to basics and creating an atmosphere of ministry that is intimate yet inviting. Currently, our newborn church with its modest numbers in membership, is able to operate as one big Life Group! We would love to continue to execute this personal touch as our ministry continues to grow. Our goal is to place special focus on the individual members, therefore strengthening the church and the community as a whole.

What is a Life Group?

Some may call them Small Groups, Bible Study Groups, Fellowship Groups or even Community Groups; at MYGEN we call this ministry “Life Groups” because it is about more than just studying the Bible or doing community outreach – we want to partake in this ministry the way Jesus did with his 12 Disciples, and it’s all about doing this thing called Life together!

Even Jesus was in a Life Group! He left us the example to follow by going to church on Sabbath and utilizing the rest of the week to partake in the community, help the needy, and continue to spread the gospel. These smaller worship groups allow us to be part of an interactive learning experience, where you can feel free to ask questions, make comments, and take part in discussions about our day-to-day Christian living.

How do Life Groups “work”?

Why should I join a Life Group?

If you have a thirst to feed your spiritual life and do more than just “church once a week,” we encourage you to join one of our Life Groups. We want to challenge you (and ourselves) by posing topics of reflection every week for the rest of the year; how can we help each other to grow our Faith and Spirit? It’s time to live a fuller life in Christ!


For any further info, questions or comments please contact us at [email protected]