Word #1 – 7 Last Words

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7 Last Words of Jesus – Word #1

Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.Luke 23:34

The Power of Forgiveness

Christ shed immortality and divinity to put on Mortality and humanity.  On earth, He showed us what it looked like to be 100% man, while totally surrendering to God and keeping God in control.  He became our perfect example, never once giving into temptation, or committing sin, showing us what a holy life looks like, and how our lives can be pleasing to God.  If we follow His perfect example, we can rest in knowing that one day we will be with God in eternity. Christ sacrificed life in heaven where he was worshipped 24/7 to come to earth where he knew he would be ridiculed, ostracized, killed.  He came to earth to this same mankind, knowing that humanity would betray Him, turn their backs on Him, reject Him. Despite all this, Christ chose to die for us anyway. It while he was actively dying, while He was on that tree, he uttered His first words: “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.” They were breaking a commandment, killing someone and Christ knew that the punishment for this crime was death.  Christ knew that God was well within His right to punish humanity for killing His only son. Christ hasn’t died yet, so humanity hadn’t been pardoned for their crimes. Christ knowing this, begins to plead and intercede for us. In this moment, Christ shows us that in the midst of our storm, our trial and tribulation, whatever we are going through, we can still forgive those who plot, plan and scheme our demise. If Christ can momentarily stop dying to forgive those who he came to save, the we can indefinitely stop what we’re doing to forgive those who hurt us.

Prayer Activity

Today, intentionally forgive some who has hurt you, or is still hurting you. Shift your focus from the pain you’re feeling to God’s Healing and Redemptive Power. Always remember, forgiving is for you, it sets you free.

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About the Author

Hannah Love

While I am a born and raised Seventh-day Adventist (I was baptized at the age of 8, and then again at 21), I am not a product of Adventist Education. As a matter of fact, it is my public school education, both at DeWitt Clinton HS, and the University at Albany that has strengthened my relationship with. High School reignited my love for singing in choirs, and led me to join the Angelic Voices of Praise, the only gospel choir on campus. It was at corporate prayer before choir rehearsal one Thursday evening in Albany that my prayer life was brought under a microscope. You see, up until that point, I was praying these little Baby Prayers, the Patty Cake Prayers, the rehearsed Prayers, the One Liners. There wasn’t any conviction, and it almost appeared that I was afraid to talk to God in a very real way. That night a seasoned member saw something that I didn’t see in myself, and because she allowed the Holy Spirit to use her, took me to the back of the LC during corporate prayer and taught me how to pray. I mean Really Pray! That night not only changed my life, but changed my Prayer Life forever. My prayer life translated well as I served as a Pathfinder Leader and an Assistant AY Leader and Praise and Worship leader. It was my constant communication with God that allowed Him to use me to lead Teens and Young Adult closer to God, and many more into Praise and Worship. While I understand that our life experiences have differed, I believe that our God is the same. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. He is the God that desires to have a deeper communication with us, who longs to chat with us, and craves quiet moments that we can offer as sacrifice to Him Do not for a moment think that I am perfect. In fact I am far from it. I mess up and mistakes, but my relationship with God is just as real as this letter you are reading. It is my relationship, and my prayer life, that restores me each and every time I fall. It is my prayer life with God that has allowed Him to use me for His work, and the furtherance of His Gospel! I charge each and everyone of you to explore a genuine and real relationship with God! Sit at His feet, talk to Him, worship him, Praise Him! Ask God to show Himself to you in a very “You Specific Way” Just in case you don’t know where to start, I encourage each and everyone of you who are able to join in with us on our Weekly Prayer and Fasts that meet each Wednesday. It is in these Fasts, that God reveals our character flaws to us, in hopes of not only correcting our Spiritual Cancers that seek to draw us away from God’s divine love, but pull us closer to the feet of Jesus! I pray that each and everyone of you experience God in a very real and “You Specific Way”. I Love you and God Loves you more!

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