Duddley Francois Pastoral Installation

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We’re planning an extra special service as we welcome Duddley Francois as our new pastor, with his debut sermon “Impregnate Your Church.” We’ll have special music by Bridgette Feliz and an extra special meal to follow service. You won’t want to miss it!

Meet You There

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We are committed to the most personal form of discipleship, meeting people wherever they are and showing them God’s love. Join us as Damion V Bascombe presents how important this dynamic is to winning new souls for Christ.

The Negatives of Perfection

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Down But Not Out - MYGEN Church Service - 09-29-18

Osrick Brathwaite tells us how making the wrong choices in life does not disqualify us from the mercy & love of God. Stay after service for good food and fellowship!