Life Groups Starting Soon

MYGEN Church Small Groups

Our intern pastor Josalynn Clark is heading a new initiative at MyGeneration Church to create Life Groups. We want to find more ways our members can bond over things that they love and support each other in Christ-like love. As we plan out the types of life groups we’ll have at MyGeneration Church you can help us by filling out this survey so you can let us know what type of life group you would be interested in forming or joining.Life Groups Survey

Contribute to MyGen’s Blessing Bags

MyGen Blessing Bags

MyGeneration Church is putting together blessing bags for the homeless. These blessing bags will contain hats, gloves, hand warmers, sanitary items, and much more.

Definite Requests Deserve Definite Gratitude

Definite Requests Deserve Definite Gratitude - Tanique Somers

Have you ever received a gift that you asked for and got exactly what you wanted? How did you show your gratitude?  In the story that inspired this post, found  in Luke 17:11-19, highlighted what the Lord delights in.

“Catch These Hands” New Graphic Apparel Available

Catch These Hands T-Shirt

The design was inspired by a prayer meeting talk last year about Queen Esther, in the Bible. This woman was a “prayer thug” because when a life and death situation was looming over her and her people what did she do? She rallied her gang together to fast and pray! This design goes out to all of you who want to be the same kind of prayer warrior as Esther.

Pray Like Nehemiah

Pray Like Nehemiah. Nehemiah’s passionate prayer and the 7 elements that made it great.

Nehemiah’s passionate prayer and the 7 elements that made it great. Nehemiah was devastated. His brother Hanani had just returned from Judah and given him news of how his Israelite brothers and sisters were faring, those who had left Persia and returned to the land of Judah to rebuild Jerusalem and the walls that protected their cities. Hanani’s report was “The survivors in the province who have survived the captivity are in great trouble and disgrace. The wall of Jerusalem is broken down, and its gates have been burned in the fire.” This news broke Nehemiah’s heart. “When I heard these words, I sat and wept and mourned for days, and I was fasting and praying before the God of the heavens.” It had been 90 years since … Read More

Help Hurricane Dorian Victims

Help Hurricane Dorian Victims

We are all aware of the devastation that Hurricane Dorian has caused in the Bahamas. Hurricane Dorian was extremely powerful, and the hurricane caused catastrophic damage to Grand Bahamas and the Abaco Islands, with at least 70,000 people left homeless. In light of this grave tragedy, all the churches within the Greater New York Conference to collect a special offering on Sabbath, September 28, 2019 to aid our surviving brothers and sisters that were affected by this disaster. Please advise your church members that they may also donate online by visiting and clicking on the DONATE NOW button. On behalf of the victims of Hurricane Dorian, we say thank you for your financial support, but more importantly, for your prayers during this extremely difficult period. May God … Read More

Word #5 – 7 Last Words of Jesus

Death by crucifixion was a terribly agonizing way to die. It was humiliating; it was public; it was brutal and victims experienced excruciating pain. Crucifixion resulted in extreme shock to the body and a series of complications and organ failure that developed progressively. These complications included asphyxiation, blood clot in the lungs and hypovolemic shock. Jesus was flogged, a crown of thorns was placed upon his head and he was made to carry his cross to Golgotha. He was then nailed to the cross. The soldiers cast lots for His tunic and left Him naked. His body extended outwards. His knees were at a 45-degree angle, which forced Him to hold the weight of His body with His arms. This resulted in difficulty breathing. Through it all, His only declaration was, “I thirst.” From a medical perspective, He was legitimately thirsty, as His body tried to regulate itself from the trauma and shock endured. However, this was not a request for something to drink, but an announcement in fulfillment of scripture. At no point was Jesus at the mercy of His accusers. Jesus was in full control at all times in this epic rescue mission, as He reclaimed us from the hands of the enemy so that we can be reconciled to Him.

Word #4 – 7 Last Words of Jesus

In Luke 23:43, Jesus exercised His authority to forgive sins while on the cross. This proved that He was God. In contrast, Matthew 27:46 reveals His human nature, as He cried out to the Father in this moment when He felt abandoned. The Father did not abandon Christ nor did Jesus’ cry diminish His authority and divinity. The Father was very much in agreement and approval of Christ executing the plan of salvation. Christ knew that God did not abandon Him, but the human part of Him probably felt alone. In this moment, Jesus was sin on our behalf (2 Corinthians 5:21), subjected Himself to abuse and ultimately sacrificed His life for mankind.

Word #3 – 7 Last Words of Jesus

Women who are widows or have outlived their children, are targeted.  They are often forgotten about, ridiculed, and left to fend for themselves.  While the law made provisions for them (the corners of the fields were left for them to glean) they were at the bottom of the social chain.  They could be subject to verbal, physical or sexual abuse. With no one to speak for them, no one to be their voice, they were susceptible to being taken advantage of. Christ understanding this, knew that his mother would fall into this category.  Mary could be subject to years of abuse, and before He died, Christ secured her future. Christ went out of His way, to honor His mother, to show her the highest form of respect. She birthed Him, raised Him, taught Him, pushed Him to do His first miracle, and now He was going to die, leaving her alone.  In death, Christ ministered to His mother. This moment in Christ’s life should serve as a reminder to us. Never let a moment of sorrow, or pain, of grief, keep you from ministering to this who will need Him most.