Content in Contention – Fasting & Prayer Day

Supporting each other at MYGEN Church

Contention is defined as “a point advanced or maintained in a debate or argument.” Discord, conflict, friction, strife and disharmony are additional words that can and have been used to further describe contention. The Spirit of Contention is a demonic power designed to damage ministries, the workplace, families and interpersonal relationships. When the enemy sees people striving to work harmoniously together, he will sow the seed of contention, with miscommunication and frustration, allow it to grow and watch as people who once loved each other turn against one another.

How Are We Called To Lead

Whether we like it or not, we’re all called to be servant-leaders. God has assigned each of us a significant role to execute in spreading the gospel and growing the kingdom. Our goal as servant-leaders is not to obtain power or celebrity. Instead, we are concerned with the growth and well-being of others.