MyGen’s First Annual Retreat

MyGeneration Church Annual Retreat

Join MyGeneration Church for our first spiritual retreat! We’ll be escaping the busy city and relaxing at the beautiful Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. This will happen from Thursday evening, July 1st to Sunday Morning July 4th. We’ll be enjoying the beauty of nature, fun activities, good food, and spiritual revival with Duddley Francois.Ready to register?Fill out our registration form.Register now!While there’s still space.Need more details?View it in our event calendar.View it nowIn our event calendar.What’s Included?0Nights Stay0MealsPool AccessSporting Area AccessGym AccessAdditional ActivitiesEscape RoomsPony RidesRock ClimbingObstacle CoursesWildlife CenterLearn more about pricing & packages for Outdoor Adventures at Refreshing Mountain Retreat & Adventure Center.Register for the Retreat

Content in Contention – Fasting & Prayer Day

Supporting each other at MYGEN Church

Contention is defined as “a point advanced or maintained in a debate or argument.” Discord, conflict, friction, strife and disharmony are additional words that can and have been used to further describe contention. The Spirit of Contention is a demonic power designed to damage ministries, the workplace, families and interpersonal relationships. When the enemy sees people striving to work harmoniously together, he will sow the seed of contention, with miscommunication and frustration, allow it to grow and watch as people who once loved each other turn against one another.

“Deep Cleaning” Fasting & Prayer Day

Deep Cleaning

The daily maintenance of our home? is important.  However, every so often a deep cleaning is needed: we change the curtains, rearrange the furniture, and throw out what isn’t needed.?️  If it can be scrubbed, swept and mopped, we do so. This is not an overnight process, and can often take weeks ? to properly accomplish.  Depending on the size of the space or the intensity of the mess, we may ask for help.  We tend to do our big cleaning before company arrives, before major holidays, and when we’re bored with our surroundings.  The process is tedious and frustrating, but when it is all done, it is so worth it.

“Me, Myself, and God” Fasting & Prayer Day

Pray without ceasing

For the past few weeks, we have been praying for God to reveal to us many different Spiritual Cancers: things that strive to separate us from God, things that would ultimately cost us our salvation. Today, we are going to pray for ourselves, our needs, our wants, our desires, the car, apartment, job that we desire, the spouse we are waiting on God for, a change of heart, a change in character, and to reflect God more in our day to day interactions with those who are struggling to learn God for themselves. While there is nothing wrong in praying for the big things (our country, world leaders, interceding for others) there is value and importance in seeking God for yourself and the things that you really need.

“My Weakness, His Strength” Fasting & Prayer Week

SIN topic at MYGEN Church

Within the body of Christ, there are many among us that are weak. They may be struggling with something, but don’t know how to turn to God to strengthen them in their weakness. We too may battle with various weaknesses that affect our lives, both in our spiritual walk and natural life. We create defense mechanisms that deflect attention from our weakness. These self-destructive behaviors make it harder for God to work on us, or shield us from communing with those whom He has already strengthened so they could minister to our particular weaknesses. Reality is, no one likes to talk about what their REAL weaknesses are. It requires transparency, honesty, and vulnerability with ourselves, others, and accountability partners.

MYGEN Church “Who’s Your Leader?” Fasting & Prayer Day

MYGEN Church "Who's Your Leader?" Fasting & Prayer Day

For the next 24 hours, from 12 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. we will be praying for America, our country’s leader, President Donald Trump, as well as the country’s political leaders (Congress and Senate). We will also lift up the world leaders who are in direct communication with The President. Finally, we will be praying for the countries and states impacted by natural disasters, as well as US cities negatively affected by gun violence. Instead of allowing the current events of the world to weigh on your mind and attempt to steal your peace and joy, we are redirecting our thoughts to focus on the Faith and courage that our Heavenly Father has called us to exemplify.

MYGEN Church Fasting & Prayer – 10-04-17

Supporting each other at MYGEN Church

Today from 2:00 AM to 11:59 PM, we will be fasting from praying for ourselves and instead focus on interceding for others. As Christians, we are called to be selfless and to put the needs of others before ourselves, to reflect a Christ-like attitude. When Christ was on earth, He spent much of His time caring about the needs of others, talking to His Father about us, bringing us to His Father’s feet and asking God for the best ways to minister to His brothers and sisters, God’s children.

MYGEN Church Fasting & Prayer – 9-27-17

Lifting hands in praise

Each one of us battles different issues, concerns, trials and tribulations. It’s easy to allow them to overwhelm us to the point where we are distracted. They sit on our minds, and rest in our hearts. We get consumed with our problems so much that we oftentimes forget to talk to God. ΄We literally allow the devil to use our troubles to stifle our praise and silence our prayers. He magnifies our distractions while minimizing the Power of God.

MYGEN Church Fasting & Prayer – 9-20-17

Pray without ceasing

Today, Wednesday from 12:00AM to 11:59PM we will be fasting from entertaining the devil’s thoughts and falling into temptations by responding with a passage of scripture. (i.e. when the devil tries to tell you that you aren’t loved by God, your response would be “My Father said because He loved me so much, He sent His only Son to die for me” John 3:16) It’s harder for us to resist the devil and flee from him, if we don’t know how he is attacking us individually. By identifying where he’s attacking you, you can prepare a strategic defense that is God divined and Biblically supported. This is a great opportunity to develop an escape plan. Whatever we learn in this fast will be how we’ll deal with our temptations in the future. Even if we wind up in a different scenario, this time we will have acquired ammunition.

MYGEN Church Fasting & Prayer – 9-13-17

Pray without ceasing

Today we will be fasting from allowing our past to keep us from becoming the person God ordained for us to be by giving our past to God. We are so focused on the past that we allow it to consume us.